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CM Selections: Tasting Flight

3 x 100g Packs

    The best from our latest Carbonic Maceration Series!
    This tasting flight consists of our current favourites from Project Origin's latest Ethiopian harvest of CM coffees.  Each coffee belongs to one of the CM Selections categories, and highlights the different ways in which carbonic maceration processing can influence flavour profiles and their expression.

    This release will be available for a limited time only.


    Dark chocolate, dark fruits and dark intensity. Not for the faint of heart! This is a fantastic coffee with a classic Jasper profile, combining chocolate ganache, ripe orange, juicy mulberries and a full body. It’s rich, intense and bold; a very special cup with heaps of red and purple flavours.

    Beautifully balanced with citrus notes of mandarin combined with floral elements like chamomile and honey. There are a variety of red & yellow fruits along with clean acidity and a medium body.

    Rich, red aromatics turn quickly into pink and citrus flavours. This coffee tastes like juicy ripe peach and sparkling bright orange. The body is thick like hot chocolate with a sweet, caramel finish



    Read more about the CM Selections here:

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