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ELEVATE: Kenya Maguta Estate & Thageini CM

This series features 3 Coffees (100g each) from Maguta Estate & Thageini, Kenya.


In the carbonic maceration (CM) process, coffee cherries are picked perfectly ripe, hand sorted and floated to remove unripe and overripe cherries. The washed CM Selections coffees are then pulped, before being placed in a temperature and humidity-controlled tanks flushed with carbon dioxide (CO2) to remove oxygen from the tank. After fermentation, the coffee is dried on African beds for 12-18 days before being stored to rest before dry milling. Natural CM Selection coffees are placed in the tanks still in the cherry. After fermentation, the coffee is dried on African beds for 30 or more days before being stored and milled.

Known as the heart of Kenya, Nyeri is characterised by cool temperatures and phosphorus-rich, volcanic soils giving optimal conditions for slow-maturing, extra-dense coffee beans. The Thageini washing station team collect cherries from 450 local farmers, carefully hand sort, then apply Project Origin’s carbonic maceration techniques to deliver some of the finest Kenyan coffees we’ve ever tasted. Showcasing refined acidity and texture in the CM Washed lots and rich sweetness and fruitiness in the CM Naturals, the Thageini CM Selections coffees come from three years of collaboration between Project Origin and the Thageini team.

Project Origin and Maguta youth-led producer, David Ngibuini have collaborated on a joint initiative committed to improving the livelihoods of the local community In each region, through restoration and improvement of farming practices, as well as implementing a range of Carbonic Maceration (CM) processing techniques, in order to create a higher and more sustainable income for producers.


Featured coffees in this Kenyan series:

Thageini DIAMOND LOT 132: Washed Carbonic Maceration
Tasting notes of white grape, floral jasmine and lemon candy finish.

Maguta AMBER LOT 146: Natural Carbonic Maceration
Tasting notes of citrus blossom, apricot and lime zest finish.

Maguta INDIGO LOT 154: Natural Carbonic Maceration
Thick and complex. Expect tasting notes of black currant, dark plum, strawberry.


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