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PUSH - the world's most precise coffee tamper is chosen by baristas all over the world for being the most accurate, consistent and hard-wearing coffee tamper that exists.

Machined from aerospace grade aluminium and beautifully anodised to reduce corrosion and wear, the colour and your laser marked customisation will never, ever rub or scratch off.

The PUSH is carefully engineered to survive your busy cafe environment by: 

  • Providing unparalleled consistency
  • Faster dialing-in
  • Creating super baristas!


Tamper specifications

The Handle

  • The unique handle design allows the user to apply pressure with an open hand, keeping the rest of their body in an upright and neutral posture, which has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of injury to baristas.

The Base

  • Machined from the hardest stainless steel known to man, to an incredibly accurate 58.50mm diameter.
  • Vacuum hardened to make it even harder, and coated with our unique ultra-hard non-stick coating.
  • Laser marked with 1mm increments for fast and easy setup.

PUSH Tamper Animation


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