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ELEVATE: El Salvador Los Pirineos CM

This series features 2 Coffees (100g each) from Los Pirineos, El Salvador.

Cultivated by the Baraona family for over 100 years, Los Pirineos is located on top of the Tecapa Volcano in Usulutan - Eastern El Salvador and is a truly stunning farm. 

Los Pirineos has some impressive coffee producing facilities, including a substantial number of African drying beds, mechanical de-mucilage machines and ultra-violet (UV) drying areas. The farm also has an extensive nursery and growing facilities, in which Gilberto grows exotic and experimental varietals for sale within El Salvador and abroad. Gilberto takes great care to maintain clean equipment to ensure quality processing from beginning to end. His mill is built between two mountains, which ensures constant wind going from one side to the other. This mountain corridor, running east to west, means that the coffee gets plenty of sunlight each day, perfect for growing coffee cherries.

The late Gilberto Baraona tragically passed away in June 2020 and this is the last crop he worked with Project Origin - we believe it is his best yet.

JASPER LOT PS2: Bourbon, Honey Carbonic Maceration
Sweet, complex, round and juicy. Flavours of cacao nibs, yellow peach, starfruit and rozelle. 

AMBER LOT 0213: Pacamara, Washed Carbonic Maceration
Thick and complex. Expect tasting note of nectarine, pomegranate and lemon candy.

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