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Ethiopia Guji SHAKISSO "Spring" - Natural

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86pts: Pink and white floral, citric acidity with a juicy mouthfeel. Flavours of sourplum and chamomile tea finish.

Region: Shakisso
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1950-2300m

About Shakisso:

Shakisso town in southern Ethiopia is home to some wonderfully typical Ethiopian coffees as well as two major mining stations. One of these stations produces over 3,500kg of gold annually. But agriculture, and sp ecifically coffee, remains the primary source of trade in Ethiopia. Sitting at a high elevation, with the average temperatures during harvest and processing ranging between 9oC – 24oC and minimal rainfall leaving a dryness to the air, this is the perfect climate for such beautiful natural processed coffees. The temperature range means drying cherries do not need to be covered overnight by plastic sheets, unless of course the rain decides to greet the earth, and the drying beds need only be tended to throughout the day. The workers sort through the beds as a team, one at a time, rotating the cherries and removing anything that shouldn’t be there. By the days end, each bed has been tended to several times, and the coffee is well on its way to absorbing all the delicious flavours that always keep us coming back for more.


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