ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe "White" Washed Heirloom - Filter Roast

Orders are roasted on Tuesday and dispatched from Wednesday

Sidamo A is a "Coffee Growing Area" based on the Commercial Coffee Contracts from the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX). Sidamo A is located on the south of Ethiopia to the right of the Yirgacheffe region.

The area is made up of twenty different administrative areas or "woredas", with varying microclimates and different altitudes. A lot of great coffee lots come from this area as it contains the popular zone if Guji and the renowned town of Shakisso.

Traceability of Ethiopian coffees

When buying coffee through the ECX trading system lots purchased from the Sidamo A area are not differentiated between the zone of Guji or the Shakisso surroundings. The current government regulations require that these coffees should only be labelled as "Sidamo".

Working with our exporter, Primrose, has been very helpful in gathering more information about the origins of each coffee. Visits to these areas and meeting the producers has greatly helped to understand what makes these coffees so special.

Project Origin Cupping notes

88 Points. Red floral, rose-like aromatics, orange acidity and a juicy mouth feel. This coffee is medium to full weight with toffee-like sweetness and flavours of rose, raspberry cordial, strawberry, cherry, mandarin, stewed fruit, rosehip, dark berry, peach and orange and a lingering sweet finish.

Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Washed
MASL: 1950-2300m

Processing details: Coffees grow in small farmers backyards. These coffees are known as "Garden coffee" and they are harvested from October-January. The lots get combined in washing stations, depulped and dry fermented. After rinsing the last bit of mucilage the coffee gets dried on African beds for 10-15 days. The lots are then sold through ECX and put through further screening processes according to Project Origin's quality standards.

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