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Honduras El Danto - Anaerobic Washed


Project Origin Cupping notes

87pts: Citrus and sweet aromas, creamy and balanced. Flavours of mandarin orange, pomegranate, with hints of tropicals like papaya.

Producer: Carlos Madrid
Farm: El Danto
Varietal: Paraneima
Process: Anaerobic Washed
Elevation: 1380m

El Danto is located near the village of San Luis Planes in Santa Barbara, Honduras. Producer Carlos Madrid grows Parainema (87%) and Bourbon (13%) across nine hectares, eight of which is actively used for current and future coffee production. The farm is named after the Danto (also known as ‘Tapir’), a large, herbivorous mammal which inhabits the forests in the Santa Barbara region.

Carlos grew up surrounded by coffee, with his mother farming the land where El Danto is located after inheriting it from her father. Within five years, she passed the farm along to Carlos, who sought help from his uncles to cultivate and harvest the Parainema varietal.
After picking and sorting, Carlos processes his Parainema using anaerobic fermentation techniques. This helps to not only elevate the flavour profile of the varietal and the terroir, but enables Carlos to create more consistent results from year to year. In order to further improve the quality of his harvests, Carlos is seeking to install raised beds and solar dryers at the farm.

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