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BRAZIL "Santa Lucia" Natural Process - Espresso Roast

Interview with Helcio

When did you start growing coffee?

"I started in 1970, I was 20 years old."

What made you work in this industry?

"It is because of tradition, passed from generation to generation, my family worked with coffee and my wife's family too."

What does direct trade mean to you? How do you usually sell your coffee after harvest?

"Direct trade is an opportunity to sell our coffees with a better price. We have worked with CarmoCoffees since they started in the market, we sell 100% of our special coffees to them with different forms of commercialization, and Direct Trade is one of them."

Do you like to cup? Do you know the score-sheet system and are you aware of the potential of your coffee?

"I tried but I do not like, I know the system and potential of our coffees especially because the coffees from Santa Lucia have participated in quality contests and being a finalist in many of them."

Do you have an advisor or technician who helps you with processing?

"Yes. Our commercial partner CarmoCoffees introduces us to new processing methods in the market place and we implement what we can."

Do you have any projects for the farm? For new types of processing or infrastructure?

"As Fazenda Lucia is a part of Grupo Sertao all of our coffees will be processed at Fezenda IP. All processing will be centralized at one farm with the aim to better all of our processing techniques."

What would you like to see in the specialty coffee industry? Is there anything you would like to see changed or improved?

"I really want to see the demand speed-up for specialty coffees and better prices for our coffees."

Tell us a bit about your family?

"I started to work in the coffee world very young, I used to help my mother in the coffee plantations and we benefited greatly because a lot of them were grown on our land. In 1976 I married with Glycia Pereira Carneiro, Mrs Nazareth's daughter, and then I became the manager of Fezenda Santa Lucia. Our family has always worked with coffee and this is passed down over many generations. Glycia and I have four children, Jacqueline, Janaina, Helcio Junior and Jacques. Jacques and Junior have followed the family tradition and are keen to implement innovations into the business. This is what really matters to us: the tradition, the family working together."

Project Origin Cupping notes

84.5 pts. A creamy, sweet and well-balanced natural with aromas of sweet caramel. This coffee is medium to full weight with citric, orange-like acidity and flavours of rich chocolate, orange, marzipan and red apple. A solid Brazil natural.

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