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Crem One 2B R-LFPP Dual

Top of its class and created to satisfy the most experinced baristas and coffee experts, the ONE 2B R-LFPP Dual it is equipped wtih two boilers (1.7L+1.5L) and a rotatory pump. It features the new -and patent applied- CREMTech Low FLow Pressure Profiling technology, that allows to set different pressure profiles based on
volume when extracting the coffee.


  • 2 boilers PID (1.7 l.+1.5 l.)
  • Rotatory pump
  • Gradual Soft Pre Infusion (GSP)
  • Low Flow Pressure Profiling (LFPP)
  • Soft pre infusion group chamber (E-61 group head)
  • 60 mm double Manometer
  • Push & Rotate pressure knob
  • Cool touch wands
  • ½ turn knobs
  • Smart drip tray
  • Auto Water tank & mains connection
  • OLED Display with 4 buttons
  • Barista kit Pro
  • External USB port
  • Customizable panels
  • New packaging solution
  • Wooden kit available (Option)

Barista Kit Pro

  • 1 filter basket (7gr)
  • 1 filter basket (14gr)
  • 1 filter basket (21gr)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Cleaning tablets blister
  • Water tank filter
  • Blind metal filter
  • Flat metallic tamper
  • Extra Nozzle steam tap 3H
  • Milk jar 300ml small
  • 1 double narrow spout portafilter

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