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Crescent Espresso Blend + Korte Single Origin Chocolate Powder

The perfect combo for Lebaran

Combo up our CRESCENT Espresso Blend with chocolate from our friends Korte Chocolate to create a delicious cup of mocha!

Each curated box comes with : 

  • 1x 250g Crescent Espresso Blend
  • 1x 200g Korte Single Origin Chocolate Powder Gerson Batik Face Mask
  • 1pc Gerson Batik Face Mask
  • 5pcs Cloud Catcher Raya Edition Money Packet


About Korte Chocolate

Established in 2014 in Surabaya, Indonesia, Korté Chocolate revolves around the premise that chocolate is a culture and could grow alongside the then burgeoning specialty coffee culture. The company began with a series of powdered single-origin chocolates, designed for brewing.


About Gerson Batik

Gérson started as a home tailoring business with 3 sisters serving the neighbourhood in Klang, Malaysia. As part of our family tradition, we had custom-made batik dresses for every Chinese New Year celebration. Over the years, it has nurtured our love and passion for Malaysian batik.


Recommended Mocha Recipe:

Mocha Concentrated 

12g Korte Chocolate Powder
Crescent Espresso Shot:

  • Input: 18g coffee ground
  • Output: 28-30g espresso 
  • Extraction time: 22-28 seconds 

130ml hot steamed milk

Direction: Extract Crescent Espresso shot directly on Korte Chocolate Powder and stir until it is well melted. Combine with steamed milk and enjoy!