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EL SALVADOR "Cruz Gorda" Semi-Washed (GREENS) Vacuum Packed


FARM: Cruz Gorda
PRODUCER: Mauricio Salaverria
Region: Los Naranjos Mountain
Altitude: 1400-1600masl
Varietal: Pacas, Bourbon
Process: Semi-washed


Sasa's and Mauricio's friendship started straight after meeting in 2011. Mauricio was in Brazil to learn more about natural process and Sasa was there on his first origin trip. They became friends and after 5 months Sasa went to visit Mauricio's farm in El Salvador.

Mauricio showed him some of the experiments and Sasa was getting so excited. This was the first time he would be ab;e to experiment with a producer. Together they created Supersonic, their special natural process profile.

It's impressive the care Mauricio takes on all steps of production. He tracks all his lots by harvest date with codes and his processing facilities are immaculately clean.

He also cares about the environment his coffee grow at, making great usage of rainfall water for their washed process coffee and even drying the depulped fruit to produce delicious cascara tea!

Project Origin Cupping notes

84.5pts. Aromatics of clean citrus. This coffee is medium to full weight with creamy mouth feel. Bright acidity, caramel and flavours of dried fruits, raisin, red apple, prune and caramel.


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