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Ethiopia Koke Blue Copper - Supernatural

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Blackberry, Jackfruit, Raspberry 

Region: Yirgacheffe
Varietal: Heirloom
Altitude: 1900m

What Are Supernaturals

Our Supernatural range encompasses a variety of experimental techniques, many of which have been learnt and adapted from our years of trials with different processes. We are very serious and strict when it comes to achieving the refinement and structure of our Carbonic Maceration (CM Selections) coffees. But we also like to play, be experimental and try new, even crazy ideas with processing. That’s how Supernaturals came to be. For these coffees we focus on boosting the characteristics of flavour, sweetness and body. It’s less about clarity or refinement and more about expressive, exciting, yet approachable coffees.

About Koke

When you visit a coffee farm, you expect to see lush coffee trees with a lot of leaves, all planted in neat rows for maximum efficiency, and well pruned for increased yields. But should you visit the forest in Koke, you might find your jaw drop, just a little. The trees are lanky, they’re thin and have several trunks extending from the ground. They are not so much planted as much as they grow wherever they choose to spawn from the earth. This was the visual definition of wild coffee: natural mutations of Arabica trees that speckle the wild forest that grows dense and overhead around the hills surrounding the washing stations. Red dirt roads lead the way to raised drying beds that sit where the land allows it to be flat, while the sun beams down across the low humid, dry air, infusing the flavours of the cherry into the green bean, creating what we inevitably know will be incredibly delicious tasting coffees. Coffee grown from unpruned, unplanted, wild varietal trees. In 2022 we extended the range of carbonic maceration processing done at Konga washing station and are proud to present an uncommonly made naturally processed Diamond profile as well as our first Indigo profile from this region.

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