ETHIOPIA Sidamo Nansebo "Areka" Natural Process (GREENS) Vacuum Packed


Sidamo A is a “Coffee Growing Area” based on the Commercial Coffee Contracts from the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX). Sidamo A is located on the south of Ethiopia to the right of the Yirgacheffe region.

The area is made up of twenty different administrative areas or woredas, with varying microclimates and different altitudes. A lot of great coffee lots come from this area as it contains the popular zone of Guji, and the renowned town of Shakisso.

Traceability of Ethiopian coffees

With the recent changes made into ECX we are now able to trace some lots back to the town or even specific washing station they were produced at.

In order to help roasters distinguish and identify these coffees we are continuing with the colour names that represent their cup profile.

Working with our exporter, Primrose, has been helpful in gathering more information about the origins of each. Visits to these areas and meeting the producers has greatly helped to understand what makes these coffees so special.


Project Origin Cupping notes

87.5pts. Rose and strawberry aromatics with flavours of raspberry, white florals, plum, lime, red apple and hints of strawberry.

Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural
MASL: 1950-2300m

Areka Project

Project Origin has developed this experimental lot to focus particular flavour profiles to highlight the best Ethiopian coffees can deliver. Areka is a dark fruit focused red and dark berries, and pink and purple fruit with deep florals, cherry, apricot, peach and dried cranberry. To create this profile, we set very high standards on the sourcing and further screening of the Areka lot to create a solid Green Label.

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