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Ethiopia Worka Nenke Crimson - Natural

87.5pts: Raspberry, chocolate, rich, creamy, mulberry, blackberry.

County: Worka
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2000m

About Worka
The Kebele Worka, located in the Woreda Kochere, located in the Yirgacheffe Region, sits in the southern end of the SNNRP Zone, just south-east of both Chelelektu and Kochere town. Much like other small villages across Ethiopia, the washing stations at Worka are a long and bumpy road away from the noisy streets of the nearest town, where, to find some sleep, we had to invest in earplugs as visitors to block out the sounds of the local wild dogs and cats that roam the roads, and the inconceivably loud church bells that ring with the break of dawn. The coffees at Worka follow the trends of the Ethiopian style, producing well rounded, bright, floral, and fruity cup profiles that remind us of the colours of a sunset. Needless to say the colours of the picked cherries that combine to create these flavours are also the colours of a sunset. Perhaps there is a correlation here after all, but we should continue to test and drink these coffees – just to be sure.

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