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Honduras Los Pinos (Microlot) - Honey


Tasting Notes

90pts. Clean and elegant, with white floral aroma. Flavours of muscat, white wine, chrysanthemum, strawberry.

Producer: Remiery Orlando Carabajal
Farm: Los Pinos
Varietal: Typica
Process: Honey
Elevation: 1500-1750m

By the producer Remiery Orlando Carabajal, whose focus on his work in the community and attention to detail within his small microclimate area that it comes at no surprise he has collected a few Cup of Excellence awards with his high quality typica and geisha lots. Sitting high in the mountains of Santa Barbara, Los Pinos produces some stand out specialty coffee beans from a meticulous producer.

About Remiery

Since he was young, Remiery Orlando Carabajal has always dreamed of being a
coffee farmer. When he met his wife, Consuela Bonilla, they decided to emigrate to
the United States to save money towards realising this dream of Remiery’s. Years
later, back in Honduras, they are producing high quality coffees of the IH-90, typica
and geisha varieties across two different farms.
Project Origin began working with Remiery and Consuela in 2020 through
collaboration with our friend, and Cup of Excellence judge, Rony Gamez. Remiery’s
passion and dedication to the quality of their coffees and the local community aligns
perfectly with our Project Origin values of Quality, Sustainability and Community, and
we are proud to work with Remiery, Consuela and Rony on sourcing these coffees.
The two farms managed by Remiery, Los Pinos and La Casa, both utilise the natural
environment and landscape to improve the quality of the varietals that are grown.
It is the attention to detail and unique microclimates of the farms that resulted in
Remiery’s Los Pinos coffees placing in the top 10 twice in two years at the Cup of
Excellence awards program.

About Los Pinos

Los Pinos, meaning ‘the pines’, is located near El San Andres village in Lempira, Honduras. Since starting Los Pinos, Remiery has worked with producers and
roasters across the world to improve his coffees and produce high quality typica
and geisha lots. Project Origin began working with Remiery and his wife Consuela in
2020 through our collaboration with our friend Rony Gamez.
During the picking process, cherries are hand sorted and selected by ripeness.
This is just one of the many little details that Remiery pays attention to that helps
raise his coffee quality. For the natural processed lots, the cherries are spread on
raised beds for slow drying over 25-30 days before milling, and for the honey lots,
the under-ripe ‘floaters’ are removed and the coffee is partially pulped before being
dried under shade for 14-20 days. The remaining pulp on the beans maximises
sweetness during fermentation.

Remiery’s well deserved Cup of Excellence awards for his coffees at this farm
come from the attention to detail and unique microclimates that allow for the perfect
maturation of the coffee cherries. We are excited to be sourcing and offering some
of his exceptional typica lots that have been prepared with specialty coffee roasters
in mind.

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