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Workshops with Sam Corra: Sample Roasting & Brewing Masterclass

Venue: Ghostbird, Seputeh

About Sam Corra

Sam is the Director of Coffee at Ona Coffee and has coached and competed in several national and international coffee competitions. In 2021 he supported Matt Winton on his way to becoming World Brewers Cup Champion with a modified Kaffelogic Nano 7 roaster. He has further developed and modified the machine, which is now available to the public as the Nucleus Link sample roaster.

9.30am – 12.30pm : Basic Roasting & Brewing - A dive into sample roasting & complete coffee basics 

  • General roast theory and link theory
  • Sample roast procedure link intergrading link system  into your workplace
  • Live roast Roasting
  • Basic cupping for a purpose 
  • General translating roasting for commercial applicability 
  • General Espresso and filter
  • Brewing/Extraction basics

2pm – 6pm: Advanced Roasting & Brewing Masterclass, Focus on Comp Roasting & Comp brewing techniques

  • In-depth roast theory
  • Sampling and cupping for a purpose.
  • Custom User profiling on the link
  • The Art Creating blends. 
  • System for Selecting single origin 
  • Preparing and roasting for competition
  • Advanced brewing/extraction techniques suitable for comp
  • Assessing coffees to the comp score sheet

*Limited to 20 pax only per session.

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