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Nicaragua Buenos Aires - Micro Oxygen

Brown sugar, Lychee, cherry, passionfruit, 

Producer: Luis Emilio Valladárez Zelaya
Varietal: Maracaturra
Process: CM Natural with Micro Oxygen
Altitude: 1250-1450m

About Buenos Aires

Luis Valladárez started his collection of coffee plantations in 1960. His grandmother left him a small plot of land as part of his inheritance, and today, this collection of farms is carried on by his children and family, with the focus of each plot being on the production of quality specialty coffee that funds a sustainable business model for all involved. The Buenos Aires farm is an award winning farm that is well recognised in the Cup of Excellence competitions. Coffees produced here have been awarded with 14th place in 2008 and 2014, and awarded 1st place in 2015. Project Origin continues to recognise the work done at these farms and support Buenos Aires’ use of all the products produced, including the production of peaberries and cascara made from coffee cherry skin during de-pulping.

Buenos Aires is one of five farms owned by producer Luis Emilio Valladárez in the Dipilto region. To ensure the quality of his coffee, Luis and his sons pay special attention to all aspects of the producing line, such as monitoring the sunlight exposure to the beans during the drying phase. By focusing on smaller details like this, Luis can ensure the bigger picture goals of creating economic, social and environmental benefits of his farm are shared with his local community.

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