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Nicaragua San José Indigo Lot 812 - CM Natural

Caturra, Natural Carbonic Maceration 
The caturra cherries from this COE winning farm were picked deep red before being sealed in tanks at a cool temperature for an extended fermentation time. The long maceration time developed a jelly-like texture and flavours of red wine, strawberry, red currant and guava. After the tank cherries were dried in full sun on raised beds but stacked a few cherries deep to maintain rich sweetness and chocolate flavour.



San José Farm

Producer / Eudoro Guillen
Region / Dipilto, Nuevo Segovia
Altitude / 1250-1350m

Nestled near the Nicaragua and Honduras border lies a collection of three farms, including fincas El Recuerdo and San José, managed and cared for by Eudoro Guillen and Norma Flores, his wife. A second-generation producer, Eudoro took over the coffee production business after the unfortunate passing of his father, who initially purchased the farms back in 1965 and planted primarily the caturra variety.

With the help of his wife Norma Flores and his mother Doña Silvia, Eudoro invests in new production techniques that aim to increase the quality of his coffee with every harvest. It is this desire and motivation to improve quality and innovation that connected him to Bridazul and Project Origin, a connection that led to the creation of some very special coffees using the Carbonic Maceration techniques. Those coffees are here, ready for you to experience.

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