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PNG Kaw Kaw - Washed

Project Origin Cupping notes

84.5pts: Dark chocolate and nuts in the aroma lead to remarkable citrus and red fruit flavours. A full-bodied and sweet coffee with hints of nectarine, red apple and
a little classic PNG earthiness.



Region: Kaw Kaw Mountain
Producer: Various Smallholders
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1300m

The Eastern Highlands province in Papua New Guinea is a wild and rugged place that also happens to support the growth of some of the best coffee in PNG. The coffee farms tend to be at between 1,800m and 2,200m (the two highest mountains in the area are both over 3,500m high) and produce the second-highest quantity of coffee for the country (trailing the Western Highlands). Coffee production in PNG is somewhat similar to Ethiopia, in that much of the coffee is grown by smallholders in garden plots. The Kaw Kaw Mountain region comprises a combination of smallholders, blockholders and plantations, all benefiting from the rich volcanic soil of the area. The Kaw Kaw Mountain catchment area is located in the Unggai district of the Eastern Highlands

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