RWANDA "Remera" Natural Bourbon - Filter Roast

Orders are roasted on Tuesday and dispatched from Wednesday

When Habib from Project Origin contacted us and said he had a naturally processed Rwandan on the horizon we were pretty excited. But now since receiving the coffee we are just amazed. This coffee is exceptionally unique and we hope they will produce it again next year already!

Project Origin Cupping notes
90 points scoring coffee with intense aromas of candy, grape and berry. Very sweet and clean, creamy mouthfeel, medium weight with flavours of cordial, red grape, pinot, black berry, cherry, chocolate milk and blueberry.


Region: Rwanda
Farm: Remera
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Natural
MASL: 1700m


Processing Details: The Remera central washing station is located in the Nyamagabe district of Rwanda's south province. The farms that produce the sherries processed at Remera lie at altitudes between 1700 and 2000 meters above sea level. The wet mill itself lies at 1920m! Bufcoffee has various collection sites, so the producers don't have to travel all the way to the station with the cherries. trucks then take the cherries from the collection site to the central washing station.


The Cherries are sorted upon intake to take out unripe cherries. Next they are soaked to remove floaters. Remera is equipment with a disc pulper for processing. The washing station staff pay great attention to regular maintenance of this machine to avoid damaging the beans during processing. The parchment is dry fermented and washed. Fermentation takes 9 hours. In the grading channels, the quality of this lot corresponds to A1, the highest parchment grade with the heaviest beans.


After washing, Remera applies an additional soaking of 24 hours. This ensures the parchment is free from any mucilage before it does to the drying tables. On these raised tables, the parchment dries in thin layers. The first 24 hours, it is protected from direct sunlight. A trained team of women then further inspect the wet parchment, taking out defects. Afterwards, the parchment dries in the full sun for two to three weeks, depending on weather conditions. Once it reaches 12% humidity, the washing station staff packs the parchment in sacks for storage in Remera's small warehouse. Here it will rest for a couple of weeks before going to the NAEB warehouse in Kigali. At NAEB the coffee is dry milled and prepared for export.

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