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Coffee Brewing Foundations & Sensory Evaluation

A barista without a sophisticated pallet is a robot!

This is a 1 on 1 training session with our 'Barista in Chief'.

We start the day with Coffee Brewing Foundations. Through this session you will gain the necessary theoretical understanding of how to brew coffee.

 - Extraction Variables
 - Barista Objectives

 - Sensory Basics

If you want to be a master you must master the basics!

As we move on to Sensory Evaluation, you will awaken your senses with the ability to perceive and describe the characteristics of brewed coffee. 

 - Aromatics Compounds
 - Taste Triangulation
 - Flavour Profiling
 - Texture (Body) Analysis
 - Recording Impressions
 - Dialling in Espresso


Cost: Rm500

Time: 6 Hours

When: Monday-Friday / 9am-5pm*

*After purchasing please email us to arrange a date and time that's convenient for you

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