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Yemen Aqial Almalahi Village - Anaerobic Natural

Tasting Notes: Pineapple, Vanilla, Candied Apple, Cloves, Bubblegum, Papaya, Strawberry


Roast Profile: Omni

Producer / Mohammed al Mashraqi
Varietal / Typica & Bourbon
Varietal /
Anaerobic DQ Natural
Altitude / 1800 - 2350m
Region /

Aqial Almalahi Village
From the heart of the Haraz Mountains, we present you our first ever Yemen feature. We are proud to work with the Almalahi family led by Mohammed al Mashraq. This very high altitude mountain side is said to be a beacon of tradition and passion in Yemeni coffee cultivation. Coffee trees are revered as sacred, and are a living symbol of their heritage and a respected member of their family.

For a long time, the Almalahi Farm has successfully produced high quality coffees using traditional methods. It is over the last four years that they have explored a new anaerobic processing method under the guidance of Ali Aldiwani. The concept centres around promoting fruity flavours and complex characters derived from the unique environmental conditions of Haraz. They're able to unlock profiles that were yet to be explored from traditional processing methods, bringing a vibrant taste to the world of Yemen specialty coffee.

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