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School in Nicaragua (PART 2)

March 29, 2024

School in Nicaragua (PART 2)

Our Home

We checked-in to our accommodation with our local host mom Arelis. In the picture below, that's Arelis's daughter Franceli (8 years old), her dream is to become a teacher.

nicaragua home.JPG

From Left to Right :  
Picture 1: Our toilet, plastic structure, shower area (there's no electricity and proper water) 
Picture 2: Our toilet (dug hole, we noticed bats inside)
Picture 3: Our bed, living among chicken, cats and animals
Picture 4: Our Kitchen


Our daily routine, wake up around 4:30am and sleep around 8:30pm. We will work on the school site from 7:30am, making re-bar (structural steel bars), structure of the school.

Here's a video of how its made by Dato Sri Dr Elvin