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About Us


Cloud Catcher is Asia's one-stop centre for specialty coffee and certified Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Campus based in Malaysia.  

The true coffee connoisseurs of today face a number of challenges, including the dissatisfaction with mainstream products in the market, limited access to quality green beans and taste inconsistency from being at the mercy of the supplier. Cloud Catcher was conceived with a passion for specialty coffee and to assist an ever expanding coffee industry and spread coffee culture through education. We aim to help you understand the beautiful art and science of coffee.

SCA Campus


We Travel

The love affair of coffee has taken us on a journey to seek out the best green beans. From the infamous farms to the famous farmers all over the world including Thailand, Indonesia, Honduras, Ethiopia and Colombia, we have travelled and discovered the warmth coffee brings to our souls.

We Get Our Hands Dirty

At Cloud Catcher, we hunt and handpick all our coffee beans and we personally get to know all the farmers at origin, trying to involve ourselves in as many growing, blending and roasting processes possible. The best soil quality, land cultivation, the most effective waterway systems, altitudes and microclimate must be managed for the best harvest. By understanding how the best quality coffees are grown at their origins, we are able provide you the knowledge and skills with humble yet inspiring stories woven into them.

We Give Back

Sustainable relationships with the farmers is the foundation of our philosophy. This means helping them improve their crop to ensure quality coffee is produced consistently, keeping them in business. Responsible sourcing, the environment, quality, and you, the customer, come first which is why we take pride and care in ensuring that every green bean is bought directly from quality committed farmers at a more than fair rate via Project Origin & Chapola Project. The farmers we do business with are well compensated above market standards so that every green bean produced is grown with love and all our coffees taste exquisite. CHARITY WORKS

Project Origin by Sasa Sestic

Cloud Catcher is proud to be a part of Project Origin, founded by World Barista Champion 2015 Sasa Sestic, owner of ONA Coffee, Australia. We work closely with Project Origin to improve quality of life, as well as refine and build the production infrastructure of farmers who have a positive attitude towards sustainability and continued development. Find out more about Project Origin CM

Chapola Project

Witnessed by the lush, rolling terrains of coffee plantations, we've created bonds with the unsung heroes in the coffee world. Chapola (sprouted coffee seedling), was created during an origin trip to Honduras. It's a project founded by 4 Roasters (The Maling Room, Cloud Catcher, Tim Adams and Dramanti Artisan Roaster). Chapola works with producer to improve the quality of life, as well as refine and build their production infrastructure. Dealing direct with farmers means our premium prices are received by the people who deserve it most. 

Our Commitment

Every 1KG of Green Bean sold MYR$1.00 &
Every 1KG Roasted Coffee Bean Sold MYR$1.00 will be donated to
Chapola Project & other International Charity Organisation.

 At Cloud Catcher, we encourage all our team members to engage charitable contributions. Please visit Charity Blog