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Our Farms

About Our Farm
Committed to improve coffee from its source : Seed to Cup
In 2013 Sasa Sestic decided to make the leap from green bean buyer to producer buying his first coffee farm on El Cielito Mountain in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras.

Two years later he bought a second farm in Nicaragua in partnership with Cloud Catcher. And in 2016 a farm in Panama.
These farms are established with the key purpose of experimenting and learning.
By owning farms and investing in the research to plant different varietals and do experimental processes we can learn more about the optimal conditions in each country and we can share this knowledge with other producers.
For most producers their farms are their livelihoods so taking a chance on planting a different varietal or trying a different picking or processing technique can be very risky. If we have the opportunity to share successful experiments with the community of farms around our farms we can help mitigate that risk and potentially introduce beneficial new ideas and practices.

•⁠ Finca El Àrbol, Nicaragua

•⁠ Panama

• Honduras