FREE DELIVERY within Peninsular Malaysia for orders of RM 90 and above!

Roaster's Choice! Single Origin Subscriptions (Espresso and Filter available)


An element of surprise, with every delivery. 

With this program, let us be the one selecting coffees for you. 

With our wide variety of coffees, and experience tasting them everyday, we would be your trusted partner on picking the right coffees for you.

As passionate roasters, we constantly bring in the most delicious fresh crops from around the world. Let us guide you through a world of senses with a carefully curated box every month.


With our endless supply of new and amazing coffees coming in, we will specially select 2 coffees to feature every month. Never miss out on that special coffee that we have!

How this benefits you?

With this program, you get to plan your coffees ahead of time. This ensures you do not ever run out of delicious coffees.

 We help you plan, and you will receive freshly roasted coffees at your doorstep automatically. If you're in Peninsular Malaysia, you never need to pay shipping with subscriptions!


How it benefits us?

With this we are able to be more efficient on roast planning and green coffee sourcing on our end. Subscription creates efficiency in calculating batche sizes i.e - bigger batches, lesser time/resources.

 We will be able to plan roast batches accordingly and not have excessive extras left at the end of the week. 

Give us the opportunity to plan a new selection of delicious coffees for you. =)

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