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Barista Hustle | AutoComb


Our long-awaited solution to the espresso grind distribution problem. A hand-powered WDT tool built for speed and durability.

The AutoComb spins 12 carefully arranged needles at high speed. This movement mechanically fluidises the grinds organising them into a fluffy and homogenous mass ready for tamping.

  1. It consistently distributes grinds very well; no matter how they started or who’s using the tool.

  2. It’s built for brutal hospitality environments.

  3. The entire process takes less than 5 seconds.


Product details:

  • Needle depth is adjustable for all baskets up to 25g, tool-free.

  • Compatible with almost every popular 58mm basket and portafilter (see details below).

  • Needles can be removed and/or replaced easily by hand.

  • You can drop it on the bench or bash it onto a portafilter without concern.

  • No wrist twisting or RSI-inducing movements.

  • Comes with heaps of spare needles.

  • All moving/sliding parts are excessively over-engineered.

  • All components are removable and user-replaceable with allen keys (supplied).

  • Made from anodised aluminium, impact resistant ABS, acetal, and stainless steel.

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