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Paragon Espresso Chilling Rocks - Box of 6

Specifically designed for Paragon Espresso, capturing the most available volatiles during your extraction. These chilling rocks are smaller in diameter than our Paragon Filter Rocks, allowing less temperature cooling of the finished beverage.

This smaller size maximises space and workflow under your group-head whilst still providing maximum taste benefits from extract chilling.


  • High density liquid filled core provides higher heat capacity. Maintaining colder temperature for longer comparing with hollow or water filled alternatives.

  • Unique sphere shape that allows the coffee extract to flow and chill evenly.

  • 30mm / 1.18inch diameter Chilling Rocks that rapidly chill the extract liquid over its surface area.

  • Titanium coated for increased durability.

  • Food-grade 304 grade stainless steel.

  • 6 x Espresso Chilling Rocks per box.

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