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Experience Session at If Only. Wednesday 9 Aug | 10am onwards

A seed-to-cup experience of fine coffees.

About Sam Corra

Sam is the Director of Coffee at Ona Coffee and has coached and competed in several national and international coffee competitions. In 2021 he supported Matt Winton on his way to becoming World Brewers Cup Champion with a modified Kaffelogic Nano 7 roaster. He has further developed and modified the machine, which is now available to the public as the Nucleus Link sample roaster.


In this experience, you will be welcomed into an exclusive session and together with Sam Corra, walked through the full journey of farming green coffee --> live roasting --> brewing and tasting. 

For each session, we have 2 opposite coffees from the same farm to showcase. You will experience what different processing methods highlight in the coffees from the same producer.

Stage 1. Intro. We will introduce you to the farms and focus on the ethos, values and processing details of the coffees featured. 

Stage 2. Live Roast. Sam Corra will roast the coffees live using the Nucleus Link.

Stage 3. Brewing. Together with Sam, we will brew the roasted coffees with the Paragon brewer and chat about the brewing techniques and what qualities of the coffees we are looking to bring out.

Stage 4. Tasting. Together, we will taste the 2 coffees brewed, and have an interactive session to discuss our experience.


We have 2 separate sessions to highlight different farms, you may choose to join both, or pick one session.

1. Liberica, with the producer Jason Liew
Jason Liew is the pioneer of speciality coffee in Malaysia. His Liberica lot was used by Hugh Kelly to achieve third place in the 2021 World Barista Championship. Experience the same processing method used in the world stage and the distinct, unique characteristics of our homegrown specialty coffee.

2. Iris Estate, Panama Geishas.
This farm that we co-own with Jamison Savage and Sasa Sestic is located in the highest of heights in Panama. It exists to explore the possibilities of coffee agriculture, discover the depths of processing techniques and celebrate the true superheroes of the industry: the producers. Experience 2 exquisite geishas from this project that represents the future of specialty coffee agriculture.

Each session is limited to 15 pax only. We wish to have a highly interactive sharing session with you. 

Session includes a snack from If Only.

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