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Father's Day Gift Box: Adventure Pack

Father's Day is just around the corner, and we've put together a special gift box called the Adventure Pack. Like fathers, the spirit of adventure knows no bounds. Together, they navigate the uncharted territories of life, instilling curiosity, courage, and a sense of discovery.

Inside this Adventure Pack, you'll find a cologne by Analogue Apotik, a beautifully illustrated enamel mug, and six packs of our exquisite drip coffee. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate and delight fathers everywhere.


Cornerstone – Patchouli, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Paprika

Woody, soothing, and decidedly comforting, the Cornerstone fragrance combines the warmth of sandalwood and vanilla with the intriguing spices of paprika and nutmeg.

Main Accord: Fresh spices with wood tones
Category: Masculine
Suitable for: Those who prefer a classic fresh spice scent


Inspired by the spirit of adventure, this mug features nature-inspired illustrations that reflect our love for the great outdoors.

Material: Enamel
Size: 9.5cm (diameter) 8.5cm (Height)
Colour: White body with silver rim


Your coffee fix anywhere! We handpicked these three different coffees (2 bags each) that we believe to capture the essence of adventure.

El Salvador Los Pirineos Pacamara Jasper (2 Bags)

  • Tasting Notes: Cherry, Cranberry, Dark Chocolate
  • Producer: Diego Baraona

Pacamaras are known for their rich body, dark chocolate characteristics, and high sweetness. This lot, with its vibrant cherry and raspberry noted. The CM Natural process with this varietal is a winning combo.

Nicaragua El Hormiguero (2 Bags)

  • Tasting Notes: Stewed Pear, Brown Sugar, Red Apple
  • Producer: Ramon Blandino

During our visit to Nicaragua, we had the pleasure of meeting Ramon Blandino in the highlands of Dipilto. His coffees grow around his beautiful wooden home, where he also raises geese, chickens, and dogs. Ramon greeted us with a genuine smile, and sharing coffee and bananas with his family is a cherished memory. We’re thrilled to bring his coffee to you.

Signature Blend (2 Bags)

  • Tasting Notes: Orange, Orange Peels, Cranberry, Florals