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Nucleus Link Sample Roaster

The ultimate portable roaster machine seeks to connect the coffee industry community through roasting technology. It is the perfect companion for professionals to small roast batches to cup, sample or brew blissfully.


Traditional roasters can scorch the beans if not done correctly. The KL is the only roaster in the market that start at room temperature, roasting the green coffee beans evenly and mitigating any risk of burnt beans.


With a range of profiles to make your roast as simple or as complicated as you wish, we put the power back into your hands, where you are the driver of the flavour expression you’d like to create.

For the development of the Nucleus LINK, Sam Corra was brought on board to build a new model designed for coffee professionals to use in cupping labs as well as to design competition coffees, or special curated coffee programs. This new unit allows professionals from the whole supply chain to have access to a reliable and affordable electric commercial sample roaster.

• Suitable for any person (roaster, farmer, barista etc.). No experience required.
• Only roaster on the market which start each roast at room temperature, ensuring the roasting process is even from the beginning. Ambient tenmperature also produces less Co2 in the roast so the coffee presents fresh.
• Density profiling through custom-built app. Be guided to the perfect cupping profile for any coffee type with easy.
• LINK: where technology and practicality meet affordability.
• LINK comes with a durable travel case for easy portability and storage.
• Used for the 2021 Milan WBrC winning routine, and several national and regional barista and brewers routines across the globe.

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