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Malaysia Liberica - Anaerobic Natural

Producer: Jason Liew
Country: Malaysia
Region: Simpang Renggam
Altitude: 0 - 20m
Varietal: Liberica

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About My Liberica

The My Liberica business owns about 50 acres of land planted with carefully grown coffee trees in Kulai, Johor, Malaysia. These coffee trees are from the species Coffea liberica, and much like Coffea canephora and Coffea arabica, the liberica species has its own characteristics that make it unique in the cup. Liberica coffee grows at low altitudes, with the My Liberica farm sitting between 0-20masl, can grow very tall and has large leathery leaves. We currently do not know of many varieties of the liberica species, especially compared to our robusta and arabica knowledge, but it is becoming more commercially available. Liberica tends to be on the smoky, woody and bitter spectrum, but thanks to research and experimentation around processing techniques, we are discovering a new colour spectrum of aromas and flavours. The coffee farm has unique soil nutrients and conditions, allowing the trees to grow old and mature. To help be environmentally responsible and improve coffee quality simultaneously, the team use coffee waste to produce organic fertiliser. The team have a solid understanding of the geography, and understand the full coffee chain from growing, to harvesting, processing and roasting, but also understand that a greater community of coffee producers results in higher prices for the farmers, and so they sometimes purchase the higher quality cherries from neighbours to encourage better quality growing and harvesting. My liberica began investing in a new processing facility in 2014, with objectives to improve coffee flavours. This processing facility became the first specialty coffee processing facility dedicated to the licerica species in Malaysia, and can process beans and cherries in a variety of methods. In 2020, the My Liberica team co-operated with Sasa Sestic to develop the anaerobic style processing methods, which was used by Australian WBC competitor, Hugh Kelly in 2021

Baby Cherry // Intense Cherry, Rum, Raisin, Dark Grape
Jason picks the ripe, small cherries for this lot. The result is extreme sweetness in this lot. The Anaerobic Baby Cherry coffee processing method involves selecting only the ripe coffee cherries and using a color sorter for further processing. These selected cherries are then sealed within barrels and undergo a controlled fermentation at a precise temperature for 15 days. Following the fermentation process, the coffee cherries are transferred to a greenhouse where both temperature and humidity are carefully regulated, ensuring their thorough and consistent drying.

N15 // Cacao Nibs, Blueberry, Grape, Dried Raisin

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