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The newest adventure by World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic as he chases down coffee perfection in every cup. Sasa Sestic discovered the significant role of volatile aroma compounds in how we interpret and which flavours we can perceive. By brewing with Paragon, Extract Chilling technology is utilised to capture that flavour otherwise lost in the environment.


Extract chilling technology was researched at Coffee Excellence Center in Switzerland by Professor Chahan. Many other professionals developed and tested it to bring excellence to your brewing approach.

Is designed to effectively extract a pour-over of any size. It’s made of a metal casing that holds freezing solution liquid to increase the time the rock is frozen.

The chilling rock should be at freezer temperature (below -5 degrees C) and used within 10 minutes of pulling out of the freezer, given they have reached an equilibrium frozen temperature in the freezer over time.

This innovative coffee tool, will help brewers retains up to 40% volatile aroma compounds maximising your beverage's flavour potential.

Paragon is designed to fit your favourite vessel and your preferred pour-over brewer.

• Innovation and design patented.
• Extract chilling technology to enhance flavours.
• Paragon is proven to capture and express aromatic volatile compounds (up to 40% more).
• Adjustable design which accommodates any filter coffee brewer and vessel.
• Lightweight aluminium design.
• Designed in Australia.

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