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Paragon Espresso

The Chilling Rock:

Experience optimal taste with minimal temperature impact for your espresso. To accommodate different beverage purposes, we have reduced the size of the Chilling Rock. While the original Paragon Filter Chilling Rocks have a larger 40mm diameter to chill enough mass for single-serve filter beverages, we found that these rocks cool an espresso beverage too much. Hence, the Paragon Espresso design incorporates a specific 30mm diameter rock, allowing for optimal taste benefits from extract chilling while minimizing the impact on the final beverage temperature. This smaller design facilitates an easier workflow under the espresso spouts, reduces freezer-space requirements, and lowers the cost per rock.


The Mount:

The Mount features an anodized aluminium construction, making it lightweight yet strong. Each mount's handle includes a silicone insert for extra grip and smooth contact with the cup.


Adjustable Height:

Our design enables fast height adjustment, allowing the rock to be placed close to the spout, accommodating different cup, scale, and spout setups.

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