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Kenya Maguta Estate Peaberry Supernatural

Tasting Notes: Dark grapes, Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Lavender, Dark Chocolate

Region / Nyeri County
Varietal / SL28/SL34
Process / Supernatural
Altitude / 1650-1800m

This roast profile is suitable for filter and espresso brewing.

Run by our friend David Ngibuini, and Project Origin have collaborated on a joint initiative committed to improving the livelihoods of the local community in each region through restoration and improvement of farming practices, as well as implementing a range of carbonic maceration processing techniques, to create a higher and more sustainable income for producers and farmers. With the help of David, the Murware Farmers who deliver their cherries to Maguta Estate assist each other in maintaining their farming standards, resulting in ever-improving coffees. It is with great pride that we showcase the work of those who contribute towards the making of this Maguta Estate CM Selections range.

Processing Details
oLater harvest cherries are delivered to the wet mill where the farmer hand sorts based on colour
o Cherries are then placed on beds wrapped in plastic to boost temperature for a few
days, which sped up fermentation creating red and tropical fruit flavours
o Cherries were then spread in thin layers on raised beds for 25-30 days of drying to maintain acidity and vibrancy
o Moisture content is reduced to 10-12%
o Peaberries are collected from the Maguta Supernatural Jambo lot during the dry milling and grading process when coffees are being prepared for export. They are small and round and result when only a single bean is developed inside a coffee cherry instead of two beans facing each other
o Coffee is delivered to the dry mill and stored in dried cherry pods for protection until
ready for dry milling and exportready for dry milling and export%MCEPASTEBIN%

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