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Discovery Box: Curated Selections from the roastery (SEPTEMBER 2023)

A curated sensory journey.

Every month we pick a set of coffees in our roastery to create a sensory experience that covers the whole flavour spectrum.
We understand it is daunting to select from such a big list of coffees, and it might be almost impossible to go through all our offerings. To help you with experiencing all the wonderful coffees that we source, we have prepared 2 sets of monthly boxes.

The most important aspect of this curation is the flavour profiles. We are strong believers that every coffee has its purpose, whether they're full-bodied & complex, or delicate & refined. To navigate you through the whole flavour spectrum, we ensure that every box is made up of coffees that meet this criteria:

Elegant/Delicate: Clean, sparkly and crisp coffees with floral notes.
Complex/Fruity: Prominent fruit notes with medium-high body.
Sweet/Comforting: Coffees that focus on structure, extremely high sweetness.

The 2 sets available are mainly to focus on the different purposes that these coffees serve. 


This will feature our 90+ scoring coffees, microlots and competition lots. These are coffees that are available in much smaller quantities and are our selections for competitions, often considered the luxurious stuff.

September Rare Selections (50g each)
Brazil Santuario Sul Geisha, Natural - Experience the classic traits of Brazil that we all love, with a twist. Sweet tropical fruit notes accompany the richness of Brazil as an origin. This is a truly unique microlot.

Panama Iris Estate Interstellar Geisha, Yeast Inoculated Natural - High clarity acidity. Stewed cherries, rose tea, ripe blueberry, and honeysuckle.

Kenya Maguta Estate Ruiru Jasper Lot 115, CM Natural - Rich, complex, a very punchy coffee with intense Raspberry notes. David from Maguta Estate is a highly meticulous producer who focusses on only producing truly amazing Kenyan microlots.

This will feature our 88+ scoring lots. Often the experimental lots, CM Lots, high scoring "regular" lots. Not all exceptional coffees are microlots and we're here to prove that with coffees we feel are outstanding and performing above standards.

September Exceptional Selections (50g each)
Ethiopia Uraga Jasper Lot 4322, CM Natural - Complex, full bodied, intense berry notes, dark chocolate.

Brazil Santuario Sul Yirgacheffe, Natural - Clean, sweet notes of tangerine, blueberry and bergamot, hazelnut, chocolate, chrysanthemum

Ethiopia Guji Masina Nebiri, Supernatural - Extremely refined Supernatural process. Sweet peach, very juicy tropical notes.

El Salvador Los Pirineos Pacamara Jasper Lot 299, CM Natural - Rich, sweet, jackfruit berries and dark chocolate, very winey.