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CM Selections

The CM Selections are Project Origin’s experimental lots of carbonic macerated coffee from across the globe.

Officially launched in 2018, the CM Selections are a series of experimental coffees created through collaboration with producers across the globe, using the carbonic maceration method of fermentation.

The Carbonic Maceration (CM) process was first introduced to the coffee world by Project Origin founder, Saša Šestić during the 2015 World Barista Championship in Seattle. Since then, Project Origin has researched and developed a range of CM techniques in a variety of countries.

These coffees have been used by coffee professionals around the world in various competitions, including:

  • Agnieska Rojewska (Poland): World Barista Champion 2018
  • John Gordon (New Zealand): World Barista Championsips 2018 (6th Place)
  • Winston Douglas: South African Barista Champion (2017, 2018)
  • Arvin Khedun: Irish Barista Champion 2018

CM Selection coffees exist in washed and natural processes and involve the careful control of specific yeasts during fermentation to create particular flavour experiences.

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