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Pallo Multi Purpose Wrench

The Pallo Caffeine wrench is a true multi-function barista tool. With tons of useful features it can handle most of the routine adjustments around the old espresso bar.

A. Steam Wand Tip Wrenches 8mm, 12mm, 13mm Fits nearly all wand tips.

B. Portafilter Basket Pry/Flat Head Screwdriver. Simply insert pry under basket lip and turn like a key to Pop basket out of handle. Use as screwdriver to disassemble group.

C. Steam Wand Scraper(External) Keep steam wands wiped and clean

D. Soft Group Head Gasket ProbeGently press point into rubber group gasket to test freshness and flexibility. Can also be used to remove soft group gaskets for regular cleaning and maintenance and replacement. 

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