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Discovery Box: Single Origin Taster Packs (5 x 50g)

Explore the flavours of the season with sample sizes of our latest Single Origins.

We're featuring 50g Packs of 5 different coffees in this box. This sample size allows you to experience about 2 - 3 brews per coffee, the perfect amount to taste the uniqueness of each coffee, and explore the wide flavour spectrum covered by the selections.


This box contains 5 x 50g filter roasts of :

Inza Supreme Tumba // Rwanda (Washed)

86pts: Sweet citrus aromas with a juicy texture. Flavours citrus, plum and chocolate with earl grey tea-like finish. 

El Danto // Honduras (Anaerobic Washed)
87pts: Citrus and sweet aromas, creamy and balanced. Flavours of mandarin orange, pomegranate, with hints of tropicals like papaya.

El Liquidamber // Honduras (Washed)

86.5pts: Green apple, orange, very clean, sparkling acidity, floral, elegant.

La Villa de Don Juan // Colombia (Washed)

86pts: Juicy and sparkling texture. Flavours of white grapes, blackcurrant with a tea-finish.

Jasper Lot PS2 // Los Pirineos El Salvador (Honey Carbon Maceration)

90pts. Sweet, complex, round and juicy. Flavours of cacao nibs, yellow peach, starfruit and rozelle.


SET THE RIGHT MOOD for a fully immersive experience. We have curated a playlist to go along with your brews. Scan the QR code on your box to start your adventure!

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