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Discovery Box: Month of July

A curated sensory journey.


This month's box is extra special, we introduce you to the first of many lots we have from Jamison Savage, whose coffees clinched the top 3 spots in the 2024 World Barista Championship. We also included a Yemen microlot and 2 new Brazil microlots. 

Brazil Fazenda Engenho Natural 30 grams - Red Apple, Peach, Toffee, Very Sweet
Brazil Santuario Sul Starmaya Anaerobic Natural 30 grams - Apricot, Orange, Lemonade, Starfruit, Blackcurrant, Chocolate, Peach

Panama Iris Estate Terroir 30 grams - Coffee Blossom, Citrus, Lime

Yemen Aqial Almalahi Anaerobic DQ Natural 30 grams - Pineapple, Vanilla, Candied Apple, Cloves, Bubblegum, Papaya, Strawberry

*For this month, you will receive 30g of each coffee



Every month we pick a set of coffees in our roastery to create a sensory experience that covers the whole flavour spectrum.

We understand it is daunting to select from such a big list of coffees, and it might be almost impossible to go through all our offerings. To help you with experiencing all the wonderful coffees that we source, we have prepared 2 sets of monthly boxes.

The most important aspect of this curation is the flavour profiles. We are strong believers that every coffee has its purpose, whether they're full-bodied & complex, or delicate & refined. To navigate you through the whole flavour spectrum, we ensure that every box is made up of coffees that meet this criteria: