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El Salvador Cruz Gorda - Semi-Washed



86pts: Tasting notes of dried fruit, raisin, prune, red apple, caramel, citrus, bright, clean, creamy

Producer: Mauricio Salaverría
Varietal: Bourbon/Pacas
Process: Semi-washed
Altitude: 1,500 m


Finca Cruz Gorda sits in the Los Naranjos micro-region of Apaneca, in El Salvador’s west. At its highest point, Cruz Gorda has spectacular views of the famous Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range. It is rich in flora and fauna, including rabbits, deer, the gold-fronted woodpecker and a variety of snakes. The sandy loam soil is well suited to supporting coffee plants among the pine trees, pastures and rolling hills of the area. Cruz Gorda is known for its quality bourbon and pacas varietals, which Mauricio and his team grow in the shade of large conifer trees. To create his signature semiwashed Bourbon and Pacas lots, Mauricio selectively harvests the cherries between October and January, before sorting them according to size and ripeness. The cherries then undergo semi-washed pulping and washing, before being dried on large, raised African beds in thick layers initially then being spread out thin after a few days. Thick layering allows the moisture content to be reduced to 10-12% but in a controlled way enhancing sweetness and texture, whilst still allowing the coffee to dry evenly. Mauricio’s lots from Cruz Gorda are grown, harvested, and processed with specialty roasters in mind. The thick layering of the cherries during drying maximises sweetness in the cup, and the even drying ensures clarity and a clean profile. The commitment of Mauricio and his team to ensuring consistent quality with minimal environmental impact perfectly aligns with Project Origin’s values of Quality, Sustainability and Community.

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