EL SALVADOR "Villa Galicia" Honey Processed (GREENS) Vacuum Packed


Sasa's and Mauricio's friendship started straight after meeting in 2011. Mauricio was in Brazil to learn more about natural process and Sasa was there on his first origin trip. They became friends and after 5 months Sasa went to visit Mauricio's farm in El Salvador.

Mauricio showed him some of the experiments and Sasa was getting so excited. This was the first time he would be ab;e to experiment with a producer. Together they created Supersonic, their special natural process profile.

It's impressive the care Mauricio takes on all steps of production. He tracks all his lots by harvest date with codes and his processing facilities are immaculately clean.

He also cares about the environment his coffee grow at, making great usage of rainfall water for their washed process coffee and even drying the depulped fruit to produce delicious cascara tea!

Project Origin Cupping notes

87pts. Medium to full weight with a juicy mouth feel, and orange and peach-like acidity. This honey processed Villa Galicia is funky and rich with flavours of chocolate, red grape, red berries, peach, pinot, black berry and a long aftertaste.

Altitude: 1500masl
Varietal: Pacas, Bourbon
Process: Honey

About Villa Galicia:

The clay type of soil of this farm combined with the 50% natural shade creates a very rich and cold environment for coffee plants to develop.

Villa Galicia is one of the few farms in El Salvador you can actually walk on. It has very few slopes and it’s mostly flat. It sits at 1500masl in a very humid and windy area.

Mauricio let’s his trees develop up to 2mts tall and the soil it’s left untouched so it’s all covered by fallen leaves and other organic matter. This helps protect the roots system by keeping humidity and organic production of fertile components.


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