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Honduras La Falda - Washed

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Project Origin Cupping notes

86.25pts: Pink and red floral aromas with creamy texture, flavours of orange juice, jaffa slice, plum, apricot.

Producer: Juan Vicente Montoya
Farm: La Falda
Region: Intibuca
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1800m

Juan Vicente Montoya is a small producer of coffee whose family rely exclusively on coffee for financial support. He grew up producing coffee with his father and once he received a small parcel of land as inheritance, he decided to start his own farm. Finca La Falda is a small lot of land that sits high in the mountains of the Intibuca region, and Project Origin have been sourcing the coffee from Juan and this farm since 2016.

La Falda produces the lempira, catuai and now bourbon varietals. Despite having no official coffee certifications, Juan is committed to the environment and manages his farm with minimal use of chemicals. He fertilises twice a year and carefully monitors his plants for any sign of leaf rust. He uses the coffee pulp as compost to improve the structure of the soils and uses native species of trees as shade for the coffee trees to grow and thrive beneath.

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