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INDIA "Thalanar" Washed Process - Espresso Roast

*Orange Peel *Creamy *Cacao *Spice *Aniseed

Farm: Thalanar Plantation B
Varietal: SLN9 & S795
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1200m
Tasting Notes: 85pts Full body and round citric acidity. Flavours of dark chocolate and orange peel. Long sweet spice finish.

Roaster Note : 

The Anamala Hills, also known as the Elephant Hills, are the range of mountains that form the southern portion of the Western Ghats in Southern India. Known for it’s abundance in wildlife, this region has great agriculture for growing coffee and excellent processing practices. The results are an exceptionally clean coffee, ideal for espresso or milk based espresso beverages. 

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