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Iris Estate - Illumination (Diamond CM Washed)

Tasting notes of Jasmine, Orange, Peach, Pear

Producers: Jamison Savage, Saša Šestić, Elvin Siew
Process: CM Washed
Altitude: 1850 - 2300m
Lot: Illumination
Varietal: Green Tip Geisha

Iris Estate is your window into the world of coffee cultivation and production. This co-owned and managed farm in the highest of heights in Panama exists to explore the possibilities of coffee agriculture, discover the depths of processing techniques and celebrate the true superheroes of the industry: the producers. The three owners of this estate want to share every aspect of what it takes to grow and produce the perfect cup of coffee that tastes like the terroir from which it grew. Iris Estate is here to celebrate terroir based processing, the work of the producer, and the trees as being the number one source of coffee quality.

Processing Details
o Cherries are harvested perfectly ripe at 20-22ºBrix
o Beans are pulped and floated to further sort cherries by density
o Pulped beans go into sealed tanks and filled with CO2 such that all O2 is pushed out
o Coffee are left to ferment for a short period of time in stable temperatures
o Coffee is removed from tanks and thoroughly washed before being laid on a raised
African bed system under controlled drying conditions at Finca Deborah
o The Finca Deborah drying room controls temperature, heat, humidity and airflow to
ensure cherries have optimal conditions to enhance the best flavours
o Drying typically takes 15 days
o Moisture content is reduced to 10-12%
o Beans are stored in parchment in grain-pro bags to stabilise the moisture levels and
stored under controlled conditions at cool and stable temperatures
o When stabilisation is complete, coffee is then hulled and selected for density, size,
shape and colour before being lightly vacuum sealed ready for export

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