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Kenya Thageini Diamond Lot 132

Orders are roasted on Tuesday and dispatched from Wednesday
Tasting notes of white grape, floral jasmine and lemon candy finish.

Producers / Aguthi Farmers’ Co-op
Region / Nyeri County, Central region
Altitude / 1800 m

The classic CM Washed Kenyan coffee is all about refined flavours and a pristine tactile experience which are created by a combination of short fermentation time in tanks at cool temperatures and thin layer drying on beds after washing.

Aguthi Farmers’ Co-op Farm
Known as the heart of Kenya, Nyeri is characterised by cool temperatures and phosphorus-rich, volcanic soils giving optimal conditions for slow-maturing, extra-dense coffee beans. The Thageini washing station team collect cherries from 450 local farmers,  carefully hand sort, then apply Project Origin’s carbonic maceration techniques to deliver some of the finest Kenyan coffees we’ve ever tasted. Showcasing refined acidity and texture in the CM Washed lots and rich sweetness and fruitiness in the CM Naturals, the Thageini CM Selections coffees come from three years of collaboration between Project Origin and the Thageini team. We hope you enjoy them.

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