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Nicaragua Los Cipreses - Washed

85pts. Extremely sweet, solid espresso selection. Brown sugar, red apple, citric acidity and hints of roasted nuts.


ProducerEmilio Gutierrez
Varietal: Caturra
Region: Loma Fria, Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
Altitude: 1300m

About Los Cipreses

Don Millo is the third generation of his family to own finca Los Cipreses, ‘the cypress trees’. Formerly a cattle farm, Los Cipreses is now home to a great variety of flora that works to maintain biodiversity and balance with the natural environment. The 40 hectares of land is divided in half, with 20 hectares occupied by various coffee trees, and the other 20 hectares remaining as lush forest. He grows several different varieties including the caturra, catuai, marsellesa and parainema. He also grows bananas, plantain and bamboo alongside the larger pine and cypress trees, which will eventually be sold as lumber once they age, but all act as shade protection for the coffee trees below. Don Millo’s coffee quality has been very stable and consistent, but since his introduction to Project Origin and Bridazul, he has been able to steadily improve the complexity, body and sweetness of his lots each year. Both Project Origin and Emilio attribute these improvements to a few small factors that contribute to the overall effect. Emilio has mentioned to us that thanks to his direct trade relationship with Project Origin and other international buyers sought through Bridazul he has been better paid for his crop. Earning more for his harvests means he can invest more towards his farm and pay his pickers more for their work. By being able to commit to pay his workers more, the result of the picked cherries is of a higher quality, and they return to work each year for the harvest period. This beautiful circle is what inspires Project Origin to work and collaborate with producers like Don Millo, and the quality of coffee that comes from these collaborations is like the icing on the cake.

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