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Nicaragua Los Suyates - Washed

86pts: Clean, elegant, white grapes, pear, white florals.

Producer: Mario Gonzalez
Varietal: Catuai / Catimor
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1450-1700m

About Los Suyates

Less than 5km from the border of Nicaragua and Honduras, Los Suyates is located in dense countryside beside El Volcán, a small town above the town of Dipilto Viejo. Like Mario Gonzalez’s other farms, Los Suyates began as a timber plantation. When the laws regarding timber production changed in 2006, Mario and his family began diverting their attention from forestry to coffee production. Mario utilises the dense fauna and micro climate of Los Suyates to produce a range of varietals. Large trees provide wind breaks and shade for his Catuai and Catimor trees, while native shrubs and fruit trees provide natural fertilisers and biodiversity on the farm. The coffee grown at Los Suyates are processed using several techniques, including experimental processing method carbonic maceration. This is done to provide a greater range of expressions of each varietal, as well as achieve consistency from each harvest. Mario has also benefitted from the guidance of Bridazul, who have worked to encourage connection, community and information sharing across coffee producers in the Dipilto region, increasing quality and overall providing more for the local communities.

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