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Rhinowares Hand Grinder (Compact / Large)

The Rhinowares hand coffee grinder is a great solution for grinding coffee "on the go" - for travel, work or even just at home.  Some of the features of the Rhinowares hand grinder include:

Compact Size fits perfectly in your Aeropress Kit

Large Size is perfect for up to 42 grams of coffee beans.

- Quality stainless steel housing which makes cleaning easier and reduces static

- Tested and certified as food safe by an independent laboratory providing peace of mind

- Conical ceramic burrs which stay sharp longer, don't rust and are easier to clean

- A simple adjustment method for a range of grind types

- Ample capacity - can hold up to 42 grams (LARGE) of coffee beans

- A convenient and protective carry bag

- Smooth grinding motion 

To see detailed instructions for use of the Hand Grinder, including how to replace and clean the ceramic burrs, click here

A couple helpful hints for adjusting the appropriate grind:


- For grind to suit Aeropress, tighten nut all the way, then ease off half a turn

- For French Press, ease off 1.5 turns

- For a v60, tighten the burrs all the way, and then go half a turn back.  Some further adjustment may be required from there depending on the specific beans used.  Suggested ratio is 60g/litre.  

- For a moka pot, which is somewhere between drip and espresso, adjust your grind to the finest level (adjust so that the burrs are touching) then open up a notch or two.

And some cleaning tips:

- It's best to pull the grinder apart and give it a clean every 4 weeks or more often if you are using darker more oily roasts. 

- Just use warm, soapy water and an old toothbrush to remove all residual coffee.

- Make sure to rinse with fresh water when finished and allow the parts to fully dry before re-assembling



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