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Roaster's Choice: Single Origin Espresso Roast

Our selection of Single Origin Espresso coffee for the month. Specially roasted and curated for you.


How much coffee is enough?

We recommend using between 18-20g of coffee each time you brew a batch, and with that in mind

2 x 250g bags of coffee would give an estimate of 25 cups of espresso coffee in total.

 For 1 person or a couple, this would be just nice for 2 weeks.

1kg Bag would give you an estimated 50 cups in total. This would be ideal if you brew more than 2 cups a day or are brewing for a household.


What coffees will you be receiving?

Every month, we will feature our top picks, freshly roasted to be delivered to your doorstep. You will receive coffees that are fresh from harvest, including some very special coffees every now and then to ensure you explore the amazing world of flavours. Be surprised, stay amazed!

Free Shipping within Peninsular Malaysia.

For subscribers who live within Peninsular Malaysia, you save when you subscribe and never pay shipping! 

Cancellation Policy.

This subscription would be an ongoing subscription. You must receive three deliveries before cancelling your ongoing subscription. You can pause, add more coffee, or change your choice easily via your account. Just create an account on our website, and go to Manage Your Subscription. 

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